Mastering Karate

by Half Past Two

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2015 EP featuring 5-tracks blending ska, reggae, rock, and surf music produced by Meagan Christy (Chase Long Beach) and engineered by David Irish (Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends).


released June 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Half Past Two California

Timely ska from Orange County, CA.


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Track Name: Masting Karate
Sing out, scream and shout, they’re here for you
Flash back, falling back just out of view
We thought we knew it all then
But turn around, realize it’s nothin’
Better luck next time

Years gone by it feels like a dream
They said it was over

Take back the night
Come on we're gettin' closer
We're better than before
We're chasing the light
From here we're starting over
Step through that open door

Gotta plan my friends, unstoppable.
I know together anything is possible.
We’re done with being patient.
(This train has left the station.)
Command your destiny.

Turn to your best friend
Tell 'em, "I've got your back, man."
It's been a long time since you looked at me this way
We've learned from our mistakes
Track Name: Artificial
All of us in the same house
You lit a match, tried to smoke us out
Though I am burned it's just another scar
Reminds me who you really are

I could smile to save some time
Make you think I never mind
I could fake it all, fake it all, oh
But I'm not that artificial

Didn't draw the box
Won't ignore the talk, can't ignore the talk
You thought the details came for free
The price we paid was unity

I could call your bluff
Show how you made everything up
And you would feel so small, so very small, oh
But I’m not that artificial.

I want to know your name
Want you to treat me the same, treat me the same
To see past the mess, and think about the rest
But you're just too artificial

I could smile to save some time (Save some time)
Make you think I never mind (That I never mind)
And I could fake it all, fake it all so well
But I'm not that artificial
Track Name: Your Gaze is Gone
cast off the anchor
losing site of all you know
harbor fades in the distance
another memory outgrown
lighthouse burns
still doesn’t help it when your gaze is gone

too late when your gaze is gone
eyes on horizon
one way ticket clenched too tight
hoping that all your troubles
lift like fog from the night
long stays in far off lands
who will know you when your gaze is gone
your gaze is gone

waves crash off the shore
counting your troubles more
than grains of sand down below
storms will have their say
no matter which way
your sails get unfurled

long nights at sea and letters penned
in hasty thought
are the shadows you write to
still crying out with taunts
in fear it fled from you
once steady now removed your gaze is gone
your gaze is gone

sunbreak on water
signals the receding storm
or is the short lived calm
another empty hope transformed
don’t give up all your will
you have to stay strong when your gaze is gone
your gaze is gone
Track Name: Heather
I was thirteen when you handed me that Save Ferris CD
And it changed my life immediately.

Took me to Stray Cat, taught me to dress cool
You told me Aaron Barrett went to my high school
With a face like Gwen all the guys wanted in,
oh Heather.

I was thirteen when you handed me Those Damn Bandits CD
And it changed my life immediately.

I don’t blame Mom.
I don’t blame Dad.
You were the big sister I never had.
And now you're gone
I don't know where
I hope this reaches you out in the air.

Took me to ska shows in the heyday
People ask me how I got this way
It was you, you, you,
oh Heather.
Track Name: Not Enough
Tick tick fizz
Tick tick fizz
Pressure's building up
If we don't get this sorted out
It's going to erupt
I hear you in the kitchen
I feel you in the night
You hold me every now and then
But nothing makes this right

You say the words come naturally
But remembering's been tough
So unless the feeling's mutual
Your kiss is not enough

Bump bump oh
Bump bump oh
My heart's a muscle still
If your love don't get it goin'
Then nothing ever will

You talk-talk solutions
But time is moving fast
And like my patience wearing thin
This feeling will not last

I want to tell you everything
I want you to react
I still wait for you to realize
She’s never coming back.